CONFIRMED: the end credits song on BOTFA is titled The Last Goodbye, sung by Billy Boyd.”



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Gandalf: the super nanny

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Artist: The Piano Guys

Track: "Lord of The Rings & The Hobbit"

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He’s beauty he’s grace he’s mr Lee Pace

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Middle-earth meme ♔ [2/3] colors 


Japanese through the men of Middle Earth
みみ| ear(s)
うま「馬」| horse
いけめん「イケメン」 | handsome guy
かみ「髪」| hair
かんむり「冠」| crown
じろじろ「じろじろ見る」| (to) stare (じろじろ is the onomatopoeia for staring, じろじろ見る (to stare) has a rude connotation)
おう「王」| king
すてき「素敵」| beautiful; great; fantastic
ともだち「友達」| friend
ひげ | beard; mustache
かばん | bag
たつ「立つ」| to stand
すう「吸う」| to smoke (a cigarette, tobacco)
すわる「座る」| to sit
トンネル | tunnel
はこ「箱」| box

The Lord of the Rings & Hobbit series from the beginning to the end

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