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Bunraku (2010)



Tomorrow is a new day.

Bunraku (2010)

Can you talk about the bond that is created between the Drifter and Yoshi in the movie and what it was like for you as an actor working with Gackt?

Hartnett: Yes, well it’s a bond of mutual respect coming from completely different styles and backgrounds. Not only physically and from two completely different film genre backgrounds, but also from different disciplinary sort of reactions to things. They just have completely different upbringings. So being able to understand each other came purely through their respect for what the other one was trying to achieve, not necessarily with their way of going about it. Then eventually of course their way of going about it crosses over. I think that working with Gackt, he’s a total professional. He was in the trailer learning English every day before we went to set. He’s just got this Rosetta Stone style of teach-yourself-English computer program and he’s just sitting there saying, “the cat wants some milk, the cat wants some milk,” all through the makeup sessions. It’s pretty hilarious to watch, but his English improved dramatically, the guy’s just can pull anything. I had a lot of respect for his work ethic and his ultimate take on the character. It’s not easy for a musician to come in and to do such a great job. He has no fear that guy. He pulls everything off.

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