Taking a short break from Moon, I decided to translate this song from the lovely Diabolos. This song effectively creates an image of war with the explosion sounds about halfway through the song, which is a common theme for this album if I remember correctly.

Kanji and romaji lyrics are under the cut.


The blue moon powerfully illuminates the darkness
The murmur of the water’s surface is the song of the wind
It watches the footsteps of us,
Whose repeating mistakes are not erased

I feel your tears with my outstretched fingertips
Sooner or later the arriving future will be dyed red
“It’s like the meager moments stretch on…”
I prayed to the stars that held me so close I might break

Because no matter how long you’re burdened with sadness,
You will someday be rewarded

The two of us are just dragged along to the non-stopping gears
The fickle flow of time is moving too fast
“If we can’t go back, kill me with your own hands…”*
I scream into the night as you simply looked into my eyes

I offer this song of parting as it is brilliantly scattered
When I awake from this sleep, I want to wake in your arms
“In order to see you one more time…”
I pray to the stars as the blue moon watched me

Hold me…
Hold me until I break…

* This is totally different from the written lyrics. The written lyrics actually say, “If we can’t go back, I will meet you…” I translated the sung lyrics, but GACKT basically decided to change an entire line for the sake of the sung version.

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Artist: Gackt

Track: "Future"

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