Uchimura Seiko’s GACKT Exhibition 2014


Thank you Hannah <3

hey just saw that post about you getting ready to leave for college! i hope all goes well and i wish you luck!!

Thank you Dylan! I moved in today at 5:30pm and hhhhhh this is really taking some major adjustment time. But seriously, thank you for the support!

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yo everyone should send my super best friend aream488 some asks wishing her good luck. shes leaving for college today and it would be super cool if you sent something nice to her

reminder that you should still do this. i will love you if you send her some nice words it would be super rad

Thank you Samantha oh my goodness. The support has been really really nice, you have no idea


BROO!! Spooked ya. Bunch of Buddies at Brule’s


BROO!! Spooked ya. 

Bunch of Buddies at Brule’s

good luck friend!!

Thank you anon!! I hope it all goes well

Hi I heard you were nervous about going to college and I wanted to wish you good luck!! I'm also leaving for college in a few days so I can relate. Be confident and have fun!

Aaaaah! I wish you lots of luck as well! Thank you for the nice message too, anon. Means a lot!

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kokoro-no-yami replied to your video “GACKT Castlevania game challenge (PART 2) 51/365”

Castlevania TT3TT would you mind linking me to pt.1 as well? :)

Here you go! [link]

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