if u own that ‘weeaboo motherfucker’ jacket from omocat and ur basically telling me its ok to take ur lunch money


lms if u wanna touch gackt’s boobs

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Before the storm by Wolfgang Maennel

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GACKT’s Game Center July review


Got stressed out about too many things and gave up on studying for my last test, so I got waffles and it is 10pm and life is good again.


*wakes up at 9* nice

*immediately falls asleep, wakes up at noon* less nice

gackt-boobiecakes replied to your post “[[MOR]gackt-boobiecakes replied to your post:[[MOSlept in until…”

Oh that’s not too bad. I still think your sleeping pattern will change. Depends on how the workload effects you too. I stress out about everything too though, so I feel you on the summer almost being over thing. I say.. sleep, you’ll want to lol

Yeah I’m betting it will probably change as well. And I’m glad you understand how I’m feeling about all of this! It really stresses me out. Sleep in an extra 5 hours and then waste another 5 hours dwelling about it. Hahaha but I’ll take your advice. Thanks Krysi

GACKT Spelunker game challenge (PART 3)


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